Vocals, percussion, adult supervision.

Sarah has sung the national anthem for different events at the Bradley Center. But somehow she seems more at home singing with the band in the bars and festivals we play.

Vocals, percussion, bourbon afficionado.

Cricket has been with the band since 2012.

She has the distinction of being the only student from her college to earn credits in music, criminology, and abnormal psychology simply by joining a band.



Guitars, Vocals, and Impressions of Charlie-In-A-Box from "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer".

A musical prodigy from an early age, Dan co-wrote songs for artists including The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival before he was even born.

Guitars, Vocals, and a fun personality that is about a quarter-turn off of normal.

Archie has been playing for many, many years and now uses all six strings. He has played in many bands, but considers this one to be the most recent.



Keyboards, Keytar, Key Vocals and Key Lime Pie

One of Ray's favorite things to do is to sing Elton John songs at Harley-Davidson events. We're not sure how he gets out alive.

He's an 80's guy who  had  a Flock-Of-Seagulls haircut before it was cool.


Mike, The Oz Man

Sound and Lights.

Dave knows where all those cables and cords get plugged in.

After being our drummer for the first six years of our existence, he knows the songs and still jumps behind the kit whenever someone shouts, "Wipeout!"

Mostly harmless.




Vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bartending.

As a professional music teacher, Jamie brings formal music training to the band, but most of it is lost on the rest of the band members.

Jamie once appeared on-stage with Fleetwood Mac - until security dragged her away.

Drums and Vocals

Mike emulates the all-time great rock drummers like Chris from The Partridge Family, and Jughead Jones from The Archies.

Being the drummer makes him the coolest guy in the entire rhythm section.

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